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Women through the ages: On completing the 75th year of Independence, re-examining the saga of women seems crucial.

75th year of Independence

When India wakened to its freedom, many ladies noticed the horrors of probable human history’s one in all biggest migrations. With partition came demons of hell to unharness one of the maximum awful activities recognized to humans. As in any war, ladies are constantly the silent sufferer. While on one hand guys at the leading edge are celebrated, tales of violence in opposition to ladies and their resilience are brushed under the rugs of patriarchy.

The partition of India and Pakistan is but any other example of it. Sexual violence and abduction on a big scale of ladies have been carried out. Men of every community, be it Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh, dedicated crimes that went unpunished and ignored. Women have been abducted, raped, and mutilated. With those ladies left bare on the streets, exposed the gravest violence inflicted on them that allows you to milk out revenge in opposition to every other.

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Nida Fazal after his first visit to Pakistan writes:

Insaan me haivaan yahan bhi hai wahan bhi

Allah nigehbaan yahan bhi hai wahan bhi

Khoonkhaar darindo ke faqat naam alag hain

Shehron mein bayabaan yahan bhi hain wahan bhi

The gendered violence becomes surely pushed via way of means of religious ego, with an try to set up now no longer most effective one’s faith on the helm in their new lands however additionally to suppress or abolish other’s religions. In “Borders and Boundaries: How Women Experienced the Partition of India”, via way of means of Ritu Menon and Kamla Bhasin, the authors speak considerably approximately how girls’  bodies were tattooed with symbols in their attacker’s religions. Several assaults included guys carving political slogans, such as “Pakistan Zindabad” (Pakistan forever) or “Jai Hind” (Long stay India) right into a lady’s skin.

This unit is a clean cause in the back of the assaults- girls are a repository of honor of the community. In Bhagavad Geeta, such a concept is a gift too. Arjun says “When irreligion is distinguished with in side the own circle of relatives,

O Krsna, the girls of the own circle of relatives turn out to be polluted, and from the degradation of womanhood, O descendant of Vrsni, comes undesirable progeny.” (Chapter 1 verse 40). Such patriarchal thoughts remain applicable at some stage in a while wherein a lady is connected with the purity of her community.

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While Independence become a dreaded dream for women, the evils of the beyond nonetheless hold to hang out with us. When the Prime Minister gave the nation a speech highlighting the want to uphold women’s dignity, his country thru its remission coverage launched eleven convicts accused of gang rape and murder. Following the aftermath of the Godhra incident, Bilkis, 5 months pregnant, become seeking to flee together along with her circle of relatives while an indignant mob attacked their neighborhood.

The mob now no longer most effective gang raped Bilkis and left her to die, however additionally they murdered 14 harmless people. The key accused smashed her infant daughter with a rock. According to Gujarat Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Raj Kumar, the remission software become taken into consideration due to the fact the convicts had finished 14 years in prison, and elements such as “age, nature of the crime, conduct in jail and so on”.

The country authorities granted the remission and it begs a question- “ Does a 14-yr prison period sufficient for any such heinous crime? In reality is any sort of punishment sufficient while as compared to trauma and loss inflicted on a woman, in particular, while the direction to get those guys to prison to become not anything, however, a tough ride.” To make it even worse those guys obtained a heat welcome at the Vishwa Hindu Parishad office. They have been even garlanded

Faiz Ahmad Faiz, expressing dismay about partition said:

ye daagh daagh ujala ye shab-gazida sahar

vo intizar tha jis ka ye vo sahar to nahin

It is authentic that we’ve got blanketed in an extended adventure in attempting to reap a rustic wherein gender equality exists, however, how can a lady not surprise and disgusted by the scenario while many instances as such exist? Bilkis’s tale isn’t any fiction, it’s miles a hell girls ought to stay through. Since the lady electorate is an increasing number turning into a separate voter group, owing to being emotionally and financially independent, they’re locating their manner to Red Fort’s speeches however deep down the device stays extremely towards them.

“I degree the development of a network via way of means of the diploma of development which girls have achieved.” stated the daddy of the Indian  constitution, Babasaheb Ambedkar. The situation of girls in civilization is certainly a big determinant of its form however this detriment saga of girls remains a component of worry. The subsequent 25 years need to be dedicated diligently to lady empowerment. Not out of pity, however, due to the fact gender inequality is a massive issue to India achieving its complete potential



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