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Updates on the I-95 fire and partial highway collapse

I-95 fire

Toward the beginning of today, June 11, 2023, a vehicle fire under I-95 close to the Cottman Road exit in Upper east Philadelphia made a part of the thruway breakdown. Primer reports show a big hauler truck was engaged with the fire. Pennsylvania State Police shut I-95 in the two headings around the area.

The Philadelphia Local group of fire-fighters set the fire taken care of today. Different City and state offices are answering location effects on occupants nearby and voyagers impacted by the street conclusion. We will share more subtleties as they become accessible.

Guidance for residents and visitors

Authorities gave an update at 5 p.m. about the reaction to this occurrence. Watch the update here.
SEPTA is adding additional limit and administration. Inhabitants are urged to involve SEPTA as an elective method for movement.
All paths of I-95 are shut in the two bearings among Woodhaven and Aramingo exits.
A few roads in the encompassing region are shut for the crisis reaction.
Terminations might change as the reaction proceeds. Explorers are urged to follow neighborhood news and PennDOT’s Twitter record or site (

Because of the ongoing conclusion of I-95, free stopping is accessible at some PPA-worked SEPTA train station parcels until additional notification:
Plant Rock Rail Station – tenth and Nedro Roads
Fox Pursue Rail Station – 500 Rhawn Road
Torresdale Rail Station – 4900 Award Road
Voyagers ought to expect deferrals and plan elective travel courses, particularly while making arrangements for their work day drive.
Inhabitants ought to keep on setting their rubbish and reusing assortments out as should be expected on their standard junk day and at their customary pickup site. Occupants in the upper east region of the city ought to expect delays in collections.The Roads Division is surveying which regions will be affected as sterilization trucks should be redirected to elective travel courses.

Philadelphia Police Detour and Closure Info along I-95

Philadelphia Police will have the accompanying terminations and diversions set up assuming you are going on I-95 in the space of the Cottman Road exit. Police will be situated along the diversion course. Neighborhood organizations and conveyances will be given admittance. Expect postpones along the diversion and note these are dependent on future developments.

  • Castor Road entrance for I-95 northward


  • Aramingo Road/I-95 on and exit ramps

Entrance to I-95 northward shut
Betsy Ross exit ramp to I-95 northward shut

  • Span Road slope

I-95 entrance at Extension Road shut down.
All traffic on Tacony Road will stream northward just from Extension Road to New State Street.

  • Tacony Road and Tacony-Palmyra Extension

Tacony Palmyra Scaffold traffic onto Tacony Road shut down. All traffic proceeds westward onto Levick Road.

  • Cottman Road exit and State Street terminations

State Street from Cottman Road to Longshore Road will be one-way, southward travel as it were.

  • Southward I-95 diversion
    Leave I-95 southward at Cottman Road.
  • Toward the finish of the incline, right on Bleigh Road.
    Follow Bleigh to State Street, make a left onto State.
  • Go State Street South to Longshore Road.
    Return I-95 southward at State Street and Longshore Road.
  • Northward I-95 diversion
    Leave I-95 at Aramingo Road.
  • Toward the finish of the incline, make a left onto Aramingo Road.
    Follow Aramingo Road to Tacony Road. Turn right.
  • Take Tacony Road northward around Tacony-Palmyra Extension circle to New State Street. Proceed northward.
    Go New State Street to Milnor Road and reemerge I-95 northward.
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