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Travis Kelce and Chiefs Win Fourth Game with Taylor Swift Cheering Him on amid Their New Romance

Travis Kelce and Chiefs

It seems like Taylor Swift is becoming a symbol of good luck for key figures like Travis Kelce and the Chiefs. When Swift, 33, attended a game in Kansas City for the first time on September 24, she inspired Kelce and the Chiefs to win. Since then, they’ve won four games in a row. First, as soon as Swift was spotted in a suite – and created a frenzy within the NFL – the Chiefs handed a victory to the Chicago Bears. Then, she brought a group of celebrity friends to watch the Chiefs defeat the New York Jets on her home turf. After a week off, Swift returned to Kansas City to witness Kelce, 34, and his team defeat the Broncos on Thursday night during football.

This time, when the Chiefs defeated the Los Angeles Chargers 31-17, she cheered enthusiastically and watched. The Chiefs quickly took the lead with a field goal, but the game remained tough throughout – they traded field goals and touchdowns until the Chiefs went to the locker room with a 24-17 lead. The Chiefs clinched the victory with the final seven points, thanks to the partnership of Kelce and quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who connected for a touchdown before Kelce, a tight end, threw a pass to the end zone and hit it for a touchdown.

Swift celebrated the touchdown, especially giving high-fives and chest bumps to Mahomes’ wife, Brittany.

The second half of the game was entirely defensive, with no scoring until the last 3:30 minutes of the game when the Chiefs got a touchdown, putting them ahead 31-17. And that was it, as the Chiefs halted the Chargers’ throw to end the game.

Swift’s presence in Missouri on Sunday comes after a photo was taken of her on Thursday night in Los Angeles at a girls’ night out with her friends Selena Gomez and others.

Before the weekend, Swift and Kelce made several appearances in New York City, including doing separate cameos on Saturday Night Live.

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On the Wednesday episode of Kelce’s podcast “Travis and Jason Kelce (Presented by WAVE Sports + Entertainment),” they talked about the NFL program, calling it “electric” and “a blast to be back there.” And due to it being their first episode of the season, I was so thrilled, man.” (Kelce previously hosted the SNL kickoff earlier this year.)


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