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Suppliers of alternative materials top the list of 2024 fashion innovators.

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A number of firms operating in the alternative fiber market, including Samsara Eco, Balena, and Nanollose, have announced their participation in Fashion For Good’s 2024 innovators project.

Based on a revised five-year plan, Fashion for Good has selected 10 new innovators for its 2024 program. These trailblazers will get personalized assistance confirming their ideas. It facilitates cooperation with relevant industry participants to enhance effect analysis, investment, and technical validation.

The innovators that have been chosen to be a part of the 2024 Innovation Programme are:

Algreen Limited: focuses on collaboratively creating substitute materials using algae and

biobased resources that potentially take the role of fossil fuel-based goods like PU.

Balena focuses on producing polymers that are partially biobased for use in shoe outsoles.

Enzymatic recycler of PA66 and PA6 textile waste is Epoch Biodesign.

Fibre52: offers a bio-based alternative to conventional bleach.

ready-for-coloring and colored procedures.

Gencrest BioProducts Pvt Ltd: utilizes a range of agricultural leftovers to

transform them using their enzymatic technology into fibers suitable for textiles.

HeiQ AeoniQ: HeiQ AeoniQTM is a cellulose filament yarn that is continuous and has

improved tensile characteristics.

Nanollose – Nullabor: Microbiological development yields NullarborTM Lyocell.

pulp made from cellulose, which creates lyocell fiber with

Birla Cellulose, their associate.

Regeneley: separated and recycled rubber, TPU, and EVA components found in shoes; pioneered innovative shoe sole recycling methods.

Samsara Eco is an expert in recycling PA66 and PET textile waste by enzymatic means.

Seff Fibre uses a revolutionary HVPED technique to create hemp fabric mixes and “cottonized” fibers.

“We are thrilled to unveil this year’s cohort of ten new innovators for our Innovation Program,” stated Katrin Ley, managing director of Fashion for Good. These innovative innovations perfectly represent our unwavering dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology into the fashion sector.


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