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Puma uses AI from Google Cloud to reintroduce customer loyalty benefits.

Google Cloud to reintroduce

The world’s largest sportswear company, Puma, has revealed that it would use AI tools from Google Cloud to enhance consumer loyalty programs, personalize product recommendations, and facilitate simple online-to-offline transactions.

This will create opportunities for end-user-focused innovations like virtual try-ons, AI-powered loyalty programs, and generative AI shopping assistants.

Puma and Google Cloud will collaborate to create a global e-commerce data platform and migrate parts of Puma’s online sales ecosystem, including puma.com. In the early stages of deployment, the average order value has already climbed by 19%.

“With Google Cloud’s AI and data capabilities, we have been able to not only gain a far better understanding of our customers, but also translate that insight into frictionless commerce, and more personal shopping experiences both online and offline,” stated Pancho Ortuzar, Director of Global E-Commerce Engineering at Puma.

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“As consumer tastes become more personalised and bespoke, popular brands will need to look at technologies like generative AI to stay ahead of the curve,” said Carrie Tharp, VP of Strategic Industries at Google Cloud.

During the course of this multiyear collaboration, Puma.com’s new global loyalty program will be built on Google Cloud’s AI capabilities, which will speed up rewards transactions and allow for the customization of promotions and special offers to the preferences of specific customers and their families.


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