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How Charlie Sheen’s ‘sex worker’ daughter makes her money

Charlie Sheen’

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen’s daughter Sami is setting the record straight about her job as a “sex worker” on OnlyFans.

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen’s girl Sami is clearing up everything about her occupation as a “sex laborer” on OnlyFans.

The 19-year-old explained she doesn’t have intercourse on camera after a TikTok client blamed her for picking pornography since she has “nothing else to offer the world.”

“I’m not a [porn] star and I don’t get together with individuals. I don’t film myself having intercourse. I don’t do that,” Sami said in the video.

She added that she wasn’t “happy” with that profession, however she has “no judgment” toward other people who are.

Sami recently celebrated one year on OnlyFans.

“The main explanation I said I’m a [sex] laborer is on the grounds that my principal type of revenue is from my [OnlyFans]. Furthermore, assuming individuals did their f**king research, they would understand that there’s different types of [sex] work,” the teen proceeded.

“I’ve been doing [OnlyFans] for very nearly an entire year now and I love my work. There’s literally nothing that anybody could say to make me need to find an alternate line of work right now.”

Sami chose to clear up the disarray subsequent to sharing in the background insights regarding her grown-up happy, which is accessible to supporters for $US19.99 per month.

“I realize you’re presumably thinking: ‘How in the world are you a sex specialist on the off chance that you keep [your breasts] blue-penciled?’ Yet trust me, I have my methodologies. I actually show basically everything,” she said in an open “GRWM” video Thursday.

“I simply need to hold on until the young ladies are finished so I’m completely sure with all that I’m appearing,” she added, referring to her arrangements to get a bosom expansion.

Sami sent off her OnlyFans in June 2022 and as of late praised her one-year commemoration on the membership based stage, which permits makers to charge a superior expense for naked or to some extent bare transfers.

Sami’s famous parents have differing views on her new career venture. Picture: Vince Bucci/Getty

Richards tended to her girl’s choice and told Page Six solely at that point: “Sami is 18, and this choice did not depend on whose house she resides in. There’s nothing left but to direct her and trust her judgment, yet she goes with her own decisions.”

The Genuine Housewives of Beverly Slopes star, 52, joined the site herself only days after the fact in fortitude with her firstborn.

In the mean time, Charlie faulted his ex for Sami’s vocation decision.

The entertainer, 57, told Page Six at that point, “She is 18 years of age now and living with her mom. This didn’t happen under my rooftop. I don’t support this, however since I can’t forestall it, I asked all her it tasteful, innovative and not penance her trustworthiness.”


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