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End of Al-Qaeda with Ayman’s death by American drone strike.


AL-QAEDA leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, who performed a crucial position in the 11th of September assaults and later created the fear group’s nearby associate withinside the Indian subcontinent, has been killed in a US “precision strike” in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, in the largest blow to the worldwide terror community considering killing of its founder Osama bin Laden in 2011 in Pakistan. Zawahiri, who assumed the management of al-Qaeda after the death of bin Laden, changed into killed in a drone strike achieved with the aid of using CIA on Saturday night at a residence in Kabul wherein he changed into sheltering to reunite together along with his circle of relatives, Afghanistan and US President Joe Biden stated on Monday, putting forward that “justice has been introduced and this terrorist isn’t any more”.

 Al-Qaeda Chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri

The 71-year-vintage Egyptian surgeon, who had a USD 25 million bounty on his head, changed into bin Laden’s second-in-command throughout the 11th of September assaults and took over as the top of al-Qaeda after his death. He remained a seen global image of the fear group, eleven years after the US killed bin Laden throughout a raid in Pakistan’s Abbottabad in May 2011.


“I approved a precision strike that might dispose of him from the battlefield, as soon as and for all,” Biden stated on Monday in a speech from the White House. According to officials, Zawahiri changed into the balcony of a secure residence while the drone fired missiles at him. Other own circles of relatives participants have been present, however, they were unhurt and the handiest Zawahiri changed into killed. “He changed into deeply concerned withinside the making plans of 11th of September, one of the maximum accountable for the assaults that murdered 2,977 human beings on American soil. For decades, he changed into the mastermind of assaults in opposition to Afghanistan and US,” stated Biden. The US President changed into saved abreast of the strike in opposition to Zawahiri as he changed into remoted with a rebound case of COVID-19. Biden spoke outside from the Blue Room Balcony on the White House.


“Now, justice has been introduced and this terrorist chief isn’t any anymore. People around the sector now do not want to worry about the vicious and decided killer,” Biden stated. Zawahiri comes from a prominent Egyptian own circle of relatives, in keeping with the ‘NY Times. His grandfather, Rabia’a al-Zawahiri, changed into an imam at the prestigious al-Azhar University. His great-uncle, Abdel Rahman Azzam, changed into the primary secretary of the Arab League. He performed a crucial position withinside the assaults on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, and in the end helped to mastermind the deadliest terror assault, while hijackers became US airliners into missiles.

In September 2014, Zawahiri introduced the advent of Al-Qaeda’s nearby associate – the Al-Qaeda withinside the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), taking benefit of sanctuaries in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

The al-Qaeda’s nearby associate changed into led with the aid of using Asim Umar – an Indian and previous member of Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami. Umar changed into killed in a joint US-Afghan army raid withinside the Afghan Province of Helmand in September 2019. Zawahiri changed continuously in the past as soon as the United States-led invasion of Afghanistan started after the September eleven, 2001, assaults. At one point, he narrowly escaped a US onslaught withinside the rugged, mountainous Tora Bora vicinity of Afghanistan, an assault that left his spouse and kids dead. He made his public debut as a Muslim militant while he changed into jail for his involvement withinside the 1981 assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

By that time, Zawahiri, a younger doctor, changed into already a dedicated terrorist who conspired to overthrow the Egyptian authorities for years and sought to update it with fundamentalist Islamic rule. He proudly advocated Sadat’s assassination after the Egyptian chief made peace with Israel. He spent 3 years in jail after Sadat’s assassination and claimed he changed into tortured at the same time as in detention. After his release, he made his manner to Pakistan, wherein he handled wounded mujahideen opponents who fought in opposition to the Soviet profession of Afghanistan. That changed when he met bin Laden and observed a not unusual place cause, the Central intelligence agency (CIA) reported. Zawahiri changed into additionally connected to the assaults on overseas vacationers withinside the Egyptian metropolis of Luxor in 1997, which left sixty-two human beings dead. In 1999, an Egyptian army courtroom docket sentenced him to death in absentia.

The day of 9/11

Four planes flying over the Japanese US have been seized concurrently via way of means of small groups of hijackers. They have been then used as large, guided missiles to crash into landmark homes in New York and Washington.

The first hit the North Tower at 08:forty six Eastern Time (12:forty six GMT). The 2d crashed into the South Tower at 09:03. The homes have been set on fire, trapping human beings on the top flooring, and wreathing the metropolis in smoke. In much less than hours, each 110-story tower collapsed in huge clouds of dust. At 09:37 the 0.33 aircraft destroyed the western face of the Pentagon – the large headquarters of the American army simply out of doors of the nation’s capital, Washington DC.

The no of people killed

In all, 2,977 human beings (now no longer counting the nineteen hijackers) misplaced their lives, maximum of them in New York. All 246 passengers and team aboard the 4 planes have been killed At the Twin Towers, 2,606 human beings died – then or later of injuries At the Pentagon, one hundred twenty-five human beings have been killed The youngest sufferer turned into -year-vintage Christine Lee Hanson, who died on one of the planes together along with her mother and father Peter and Sue. The oldest turned into 82-year-vintage Robert Norton, who turned into on some other aircraft together along with his spouse Jacqueline, en direction to a wedding. When the primary aircraft struck, a predicted 17, four hundred human beings have been withinside the towers. Nobody survived above the effect sector withinside the North Tower, however, 18 controlled to get away from the flooring above the effect sector withinside the South Tower. Citizens of seventy-seven unique international locations have been a few of the casualties. New York City misplaced 441 first responders


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