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Bestseller and Avery Dennison collaborate on case verification technology.

Bestseller and Avery Dennison

Bestseller, a Danish fashion retailer, has teamed up with Avery Dennison, a worldwide materials science business, to integrate Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) into its distribution hubs as part of Case Verification technology. Improving inventory and shipment accuracy for millions of goods per year is the goal. Fashion manufacturers rely on Avery Dennison’s Case Verification solution to improve supply chain shipping accuracy through the use of accurate RFID readpoints and efficient workflows for handling exceptions.

This technology uses RFID to quickly identify the contents of incoming and outgoing shipments. It then compares those contents with the anticipated numbers to find any differences. Case Verification minimizes possible claims, improves shipment accuracy, and eases supply chain friction by quickly resolving issues.

Made to Mention

RFID technology has significantly improved product availability and elevated the overall customer experience in the apparel industry, especially in brick-and-mortar stores, according to Michael Kaufmann, Senior Director of Logistics at Avery Dennison’s Identification Solutions. By systematically utilizing RFID throughout the supply chain to maximize accuracy and product availability, Case Verification is being implemented as a strategic step toward setting the groundwork for a more efficient and digitalized supply chain.

Overhaven Casper Bestseller’s Harboe highlighted the revolutionary effect of RFID integration throughout their supplier network, announcing it as a project that will automate manufacturers’ and distribution centers’ shipment verification procedures.


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